Durex Intimate Soft Vibration for Vaginal Toy for Woman

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  • Strong Clitoris and G Spot Vibrator best in bed
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$ 46.39


If you are looking for a fantastic Durex Intimate Products, you can always make your search easier by knowing what they all are and what you need to know before purchasing. Some of the products in the market today have made the industry famous by making women not only happy but happy for their partners too. Intimate Products has actually become famous due to the high quality of the product that is being sold to women. Now you need to know that as a woman you do not want to be left out when it comes to having sexual pleasure.

Vaginal orgasm is indeed a most sought after-sensation. The other thing you would love to know is what are the most important parts of the body that the Intimate Products are supposed to stimulate? So, here are the things that you need to know about them.

Clitoris – Stimulate the Clitoris? Yes! The Intimate Products can stimulate the Clitoris by vibrating it. Now, did you know that the clitoris is referred to as the strongest and longest sexual organ? Why?

It’s because there is an excellent soft sensation that surrounds the vagina when there is a strong feel of the vaginal canal. When there is a feeling around the Clitoris, it means that it is very sensitive and it needs some time for you to be able to trigger it.

Once it becomes stimulated, it will naturally produce moan sounds that are similar to a woman who is coming. The G-Spot – Stimulate the G-Spot? YES!

G-Spot is found on the front part of the vaginal canal. If you are aroused enough, the G-Spot will receive stimulation from the Intimate Products. Now, if you ever wondered why women love sex?

It is because it is very sensitive which makes women feel very pleasurable and receptive. If you want to find out the truth behind this, then you should try to find out what women desire the most.

You should know that these are usually soft vibes that are known to stimulate a woman’s imagination and her sensuality. It is also meant to improve sexual intercourse. The Sensual Touch – Clitoris Stimulation with Intimate Products.

  • Brand Name: Durex
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Commodity Quality Certification: CE
  • Type: Wand
  • Material: Silicone
  • Model Number: 02 Slim Vibrators
  • Size: 1 pcs

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Durex Intimate Soft Vibration for Vaginal Toy for Woman

$ 46.39

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