KZ Z1 Wireless TWS Dynamic 5.0 Bluetooth Touch Control Earbuds

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  • TWS 5.0 Bluetooth One Touch KZ Earphone
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$ 78.49



The KZ Z1 Wireless TWS Dynamic 5.0 Bluetooth Touch Control Earbuds is quite unique in the market, with their sleek appearance and the ability to connect to a variety of devices. The wireless technology is used in these headphones so that they can be able to remain connected with their users. The connections are extremely easy and they are very reliable. They are also very comfortable to wear and they offer users the convenience of listening to music anywhere they go, which is something that is great especially if they are travelling by plane or train.

There are many features that are present in the Wireless TWS Earbuds. Users will definitely appreciate the fact that they will be able to listen to music in a safe environment. The colours of these wireless earbuds are designed to give them a fashionable look. They can be customized and users can choose colours that match their personal style. They also feature different sizes that are able to fit most ears. They are available in several colours, which include Green, and black.


Bluetooth Version 5.0:

Bluetooth range: 20m (affected by environment)

Sensitivity: 115dB

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

Headphone weight: 10g (both ears)

Cargo container weight: 50g

Headphone power: 30mA (single ear)

Container Charging Power: 400mA

Duration of use: 2 hours

Standby time of cargo container: 100 hours

Unit Configuration: XUN 100 Double Cavity Dual Magnetic Dynamic Unit


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Black, Green

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KZ Z1 Wireless TWS Dynamic 5.0 Bluetooth Touch Control Earbuds

$ 78.49

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