KZ ZS10 Dynamic Armature HiFi Bass Headset Noise Cancelling

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  • KZ ZS10 Dynamic Armature HiFi Bass Headset Noise Cancelling
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£ 26.83£ 28.74



An average headphone will not give you enough bass. This KZ ZS10 Dynamic Armature HiFi Bass Headset Noise Cancelling is dynamic earphone is designed to offer the same sound as the music lovers in the clubs. The bass earphone uses a small and long over-ear speaker that is built into the unit. The manufacturer has designed the Dynamic earphone for a specific purpose and hence the earphone can be used for listening to the soft and mellow music.

The bottom line is, your earphone must be able to block out the noise that is made outside the room or any other location. So if you are using the earphone for dancing, music, listening to music while travelling then it is important that the sound should be blocked out so that you can enjoy the music. If the noise is not blocked then it will ruin the mood of the music that you have been listening to. The earphone must also be good for comfort. These headphones are quite small and lightweight and therefore you will have a comfortable experience when using it. The earphones are easy to move and adjust therefore they will not have a hard time fitting your ears.

The most popular earphones today are the dynamic earphones. The units are available in different sizes and have varied features. The size and shape of the earphone will depend on the type of music that you are listening to. The Dynamic earphone is made of durable materials and is strong as well. The earphones are also quite accurate, vibrant and flexible. The headphones provide high-quality sound with no distortion. So for maximum enjoyment of the music you are listening to the earphones that are dynamic are the best option.

  1. Material: Pc
  2. Weight: 70g
  3. Vocalism Principle: Hybrid Technology
  4. Cavity Material: Plastic
  5. Frequency Response Range: 7-40000Hz
  6. Resistance:32
  7. Sensitivity: 104dB
  8. Wire Upgrading: Y
  9. Function: Play / Pause, Answer / Off, Noise Cancelling, Microphone
  10. Package Weight: Approx. 30g / 1.1oz
  11. Cable length: 1.2m

Bass Music from KZ ZS10 has the distinct feature of providing exceptional sound with bass. It has a large, deep and flat sound quality which makes you experience a remarkable music experience without getting bored. You may not know it but professional earphone like KZ ZS10 is best to use while recording, live performance or live playing. There are many reasons for it.

It provides excellent performance and it is one of the best recording earphones which also comes with professional earphone. Usually, professional earphone is designed with an efficient design that helps you work with it. Some of the most essential features that you need to check when buying an earphone are comfort and durability of the earphone. Check if the earphone fits your ears properly or if you will have to wear some comfort headband so that you can be comfortable while using the earphone. It should not be difficult to adjust while trying to play loud music. The sound quality should be not weak so that you get the same quality as in other music.

Due to the fact that bass music from KZ ZS10 is ideal for recording, live performance or live playing, the dynamic sound feature helps to provide the best recording experience. The dynamic sound feature which is most preferred by professionals provides improved audio recording quality as it comes with large size, big sound and clean and clear sound. The durability of the earphone should be kept in mind while purchasing one. Since they are made with the latest technology, we can expect high output noise, resonance and distortion. Thus, quality should be always kept in mind while buying an earphone.


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KZ ZS10 Dynamic Armature HiFi Bass Headset Noise Cancelling

£ 26.83£ 28.74

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