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$ 577.96$ 630.85 (-8%)


Original Xiaomi Smart Electric Scooter New M365 Black

  1. Xiaomi Mijia M365 Scooter new version is very Simple geometric design, easy to use and simple and elegant.
  2. Easy to fold in 3 seconds stable and safe and fast folding it’s more convenient to use
  3. Supporting long distance riding with non-slip handle grip
  4. Handle press throttle design can measure riding speed
  5. A bright front light with the power of 1.1 support 6-meter range to provide clear vision during riding
  6. Back red warning light butt included in New 2018 Version
  7. Front and rear Double braking system in Xiaomi Smart Electric Scooter New 2018
  8. Fast charging with high support durable better
  9. Aluminum Alloy body 12.5 kg easy to carry weight in Original Xiaomi Smart Electric Scooter New 2018

Product Specification

Weight: about 16.5kg
Frame material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy Xiaomi Smart Electric Scooter 2018
tire size: 8.5 inch
Motor size: 6.7inch
Color: white, black
Power performance
Max speed: 25km/h
Max torque: 16 N m
Electromotor power rating: 250w
Max instantaneous power: 500w
Motor control method: Sine wave vector control, current & speed loop-locked controlling algorithm
Max grade ability: about 14%
Applicable terrain: cement flooring, tarred road, flat earthen floor, footstep not above 1cm, footstep not higher than 1cm, wide of the channel no more than 3cm
chassis height: about 87.5mm
Waterproof: IP54 (ordinary waterproof, can be used in light rain)
Energy structure: 20 x 18650 high power Lithium battery unit
Travel distance: 20km
Rated power of charger: 71w
Rated input voltage of charger: 100-240V~ 50 / 60Hz
Voltage: 42V
Charging Time: about 5 hours
Intelligent battery management system: temperature anomaly/ short/Automatic sleep under voltage/overcurrent/double overcharge/double over discharge protection
Standard power consumption: 1.1kW   h/ 100 kilometers
braking distance: dry state 4 meters
Brake System: regenerative braking and disc brake combination
Tire material: pneumatic rubber tire
Front lighting: 1.1w high brightness front illuminator
Backlighting: LED
battery power indicator: 4*LED
Mode switch indicator: indicator ligh is in the bottom, ordinary mode when displaying white. When green, it is energy-saving mode
Energy-saving mode: max speed: 18km/h accelerate will be more slowly, suitable for beginners to learn riding
Applicative age: 16–50 years old
Applicative height: 120—200cm
Max load: 100kg
In the package Xiaomi Mijia M365 2018 version Smart Electric Scooter*1   Charging adapter*1    hexagon bar wrench*1 Extension nozzle*1   screw*4


Additional information

Weight 9.78 kg

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Aluminium Alloy



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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Stafan

    Fantastic xiaomi scooter fast shipping and good quality very satisfied

  2. 04

    by Eleri

    This is the highest quality electric scooter I’ve ever experienced. I purchased the M365 scooter about two weeks ago, I’ve put over 150 miles on the scooter in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, including Pasadena, Burbank and Hollywood. Scooter is fast, powerful, smooth and reliable. I’ve ridden the scooter well over the 18 mile range several times, I’m very happy with my purchase, I highly recommend this M365 scooter! Thank you Nuevotix!

  3. 04

    by AMZ

    We purchased two of these scooters after renting a pair in San Francisco while on a vacation. We’ve had them for two weeks now and have covered about 40 miles between the two scooters. We’ve not had a single problem. As others have said – there is no suspension. You will feel every bump and crack in the road/sidewalk. When there’s one that I can’t avoid, I usually squat a little bit and let my legs absorb the hit. This works well over speed bumps and mild curbs too. For full size curbs just hop off and walk it up. We started out without helmets but now that we’re more comfortable riding on the road it’s become a necessity. There aren’t any other scooters on the road in our urban environment like this and cars aren’t used to looking for them. I’ve surprised a few drivers who thought they had plenty of time to sit in the cross walk or bike lane waiting for traffic to clear.

    Be sure to download the app for your phone so you can accurately track speed, miles, battery life and change your regen braking settings. And be prepared to talk to lots of people about it as it’s quite the conversation starter.

  4. 04

    by Krys

    I received my scooter today. What fun! I did have an issue with the accelerator not working right out of the box. I read that on other reviews as well. I contacted the help chat (on a Saturday afternoon) and was told to download the app. The scooter won’t work until it is connected to the app for the first time. Once I did that, it worked like a charm. The requirement to connect with the app is not in the manual.

    I just moved to an area where I can use this to get around. I am thrilled that it really cruises. I am not a little person, so I wanted an electric scooter that was sturdy. I have added a phone mount and will add a drink mount soon.


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Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Electric Scooter Foldable 2018 EU Stock

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