QKZ CK2 Copper Four Diver HiFI Headphone with Microphone

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  • Copper Four Divers HiFi Headphone with Mic
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$ 12.90



The QKZ CK2 Earphone is a special design four-unit driver means you get to enjoy 4 speaker endurance music with mega bass 8mm moving coil gives you ultimate music experience the QKZ CK2 Copper Four Diver HiFi Headphone with Microphone is dynamic sound speaker easy can use with any mobile/portable devices it is best earbuds for iPhone, iPod, Tablet, Computer, Laptops.

The QKZ Earphone is 4 unit dynamic driver ideal for Sportspersons, Athletes, Runners and Gym for Strengths training now its time to upgrade your Earphones with QKZ Earbuds

Features :

  1. Quad-Core Two Strong 8mm moving Coil units
  2. Copper Wire gives you a better music experience
  3. Ergonomic design comfortable to wear all-day
  4. QKZ CK2 Earphone Acoustic tuner gives you true rhythm with QKZ Specialize design
  5. High definition Microphone condenser gives you 99% mainstream Sound quality during calls.

The Nuevotix is the Official Distributor of QKZ and KZ Earphones in Europe all products we are selling is 100% genuine and Best quality earphones.


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QKZ CK2 Earphone

QKZ CK2 Copper Four Diver HiFI Headphone with Microphone

$ 12.90

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