QKZ DM6 Enthusiast Bass Copper Forging Shocking Earphone

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  • Enthusiast Bass Copper Forging Shocking Earphone
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$ 10.97



QKZ DM6 Enthusiast Bass Copper Forging Shocking Earphone

The improve HiFi sound Super Deep Bass quality sound of Headphones

DM6, as the team’s best acoustic QKZ high price of annual professional fever headphones, with close to 120db sensitivity response, frequency performance 6-31000hz, the built-7MM double magnetic pronunciation unit, copper forging front chamber, multi-flapper guide sound structure, high-wire, and much other industry-leading hardware configuration.
1 uses 7MM ultimate double magnetic pronunciation unit and IE800 unit with the structure, with the diaphragm, the frequency response up to 6-31000HZ, abnormal sensitivity to 120db.
2 acoustic technology design gilded chamber.
3 professional balanced four plug design.

Master ” bass system” precision tuning, improving the traditional deep bass headphones bloated feeling, remodelling clear sense of elasticity Q bass performance.

The biggest difference between conventional magnetic technology pronunciation unit ring structure pronunciation unit: it has the highest level of magnet performance, with Japan’s imports of high polymer diaphragm may unparalleled beauty. It does not require very specialized equipment can be the perfect drive. Because of its sensitivity close to 120DB.

Tuning damping material to make 7MM pronunciation unit ring magnetic technology to get more performance, restore the most beautiful sound, manifested in popular music from the bass to the human voice, without any modification, you can make each syllable clearly presented.
DM2 microphone version of the most advantages compared to similar products is the use of anti-interference HD call technology. Its principle is to wire placed inside a special protective layer can shield the interfering signals. Core component calls for the use of the human voice signal receiving function of MIC unit. Even in the bus, subway, shopping malls and other places frequented by the interference signal and the other can still be a clear conversation.
DM2 sound performance style more active, tri-band transient convergence is very smooth, very clear separation of low-frequency, voice and analytical capabilities comparable to iron is the highlight.

HD Microphone

All-pointing microphone, support international standard American standard mobile phone high definition Calls


Type: In-Ear Headphones

Technical Specification

  1. The presence of a microphone: with/without a mic
  2. The earphone plug type: I And L bending type
  3. impedance:31
  4. Wearing away: in-ear
  5. Frequency response range: 6-31000 hz
  6. Sensitivity: 98db/mW
  7. The earphone type: cable
  8. Plug diameter: 3.5 mm
  9. Cable length: 1.2M 5CM
  10. Speaker Dimension:  9.8mm
  11. Color: Black

Function: Play / Pause, Answer / Off, Noise Cancelling, Microphone
Quality optimization of an exclusive patent, metal composite vibrating membranes.
The ergonomic design, nipple grade silicone ear muffs.
Ear and tailpipe connection with oblique angle design, comfortable and easy to wear.It has high-quality sound, enjoy your life.
A perfect gift for yourself or friend
Professional configuration, truly restoring details of the music, fully and delightfully bringing excellent listening experience

Professional Configuration Good Sound Effect and Real Stuff
Two vocal units are arranged in the same unit to suppress the distortion of the driving unit so that the sound can be equalized to radiate, and the low frequency, which can be replayed freely and has a sense of weight, is played freely.

Magnetic Flux Close to 1  Tesla
Specially designed small high-energy magnet, which is close to the magnetic flux of 1 tels make sound powerful and driven energy, dynamic performance

Fine Electronic Frequency Division Design

Using the fine electronic frequency division technology, the unit energy is carefully adjusted to ensure the smooth transition of high, middle and low three-frequency and complements each other


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Copper, TPE

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  1. 01

    by molloy

    One of my favourite earphone ever this 4th time i had buy this earphone sound is good more durable metal earpiece i love it …❤️


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QKZ DM6 Enthusiast Bass Copper Forging Shocking Earphone

$ 10.97

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